this is the story of kaleidoscope free speech zone's murder by the greedy landlord, aptly named hawk. he certainly was a bird of prey. when i rented the space, there were several things wrong. the sliding glass doors didn't work right. the roll up garage door was essentially broken and i had to roll it up and down by hand, with vise grips. there were multiple leaks coming from upstairs. the landlord said he would fix them. he didn't. 

but the situation was far worse than i thought. one night, during a performance, someone stepped through the floor. fortunately, nobody was hurt, but i found out there was a basement underneath and the foundation was completely rotted through in places, and covered in mold. 

you can also read a story about it in the sfmoma blog.

there was lots more; it's a long ugly story. since it came to a head during the occupy movement, i ended up occupying the space for about a year, before finally leaving under a no-fault eviction. hawk wanted to get big bucks out of the prime location at 24th and folsom in the heart of the mission district in san francisco--gentrification central--but to this day, the space where kaleidoscope lived and breathed art and community stands empty.