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Kaleidoscope Free Speech Zone, a new art gallery / small concert venue / place to overthrow the government, has opened a few doors down from Philz at 24th and Folsom.  They are doing some great things, like allowing local artists to show their works, offering up numerous language classes (including sign language.  Haven’t you always wanted to be able to order a tallboy of Tecate with your hands?!?!), pilates classes, and hosting lectures. They even come equipped with a cute dog that naps on the couches. 


lucas, the cute dog, napping on the couch

from Candace Younghans   on  kaleidoscope's Facebook page
You will find gems inside of this old mission meat market (carniceria) - gems that Sara Powell has collected and dusted off for your mind, body and heart's pleasure.
Seriously-anything you see, hear or do at Kaleidoscope will be high quality. But I suppose there are only a special few who can enjoy gems while they are still underground, before they have been cut and polished for the market- are you one of them? Then I'll see you there!

from Men's Style (France)

Sara et son chien Lucas

Sara est une des grandes figures du quartier cosmopolite et artistique de The Mission. Souriante, 

décontractée, toujours avec son chien borgne appuyé contre la taille, Sara est surtout une fille de diplomate, 

thésarde et une journaliste engagée dans les relations entre les Etats-Unis et le Moyen-Orient. Partie de 

Washington D.C., « un super-Etat policier » il y a trois ans, elle est venue à San Francisco pour« faire un 

break ». Ici elle a trouvé la culture des cafés, une vraie tolérance et vient d'ouvrir un lieu d'échanges 

culturels avant de lancer un magazine local. 

from Yelp

Came in on a Thursday night for the Kaleidoscope Reading Series. Nice intimate setting with couches lining the walls, mismatched dinner table chairs all along the middle, and a beanbag for the daring.
There's a projector and a screen, decent sound system, piano. The walls and ceiling tiles are all different colors and the lights on the ceiling are as well. This gives it a definite colorful feel. 
It was a little hard finding the place, there was only a small unlit sign in the window. But just for reference, its right next to Philz coffee. 
My only peeve was that the noise from the street was a little loud and sometimes overpowered whoever was on the mic.

Love this place. Very intimate, great for small music shows. And Sara is wonderful.