looking for a building...

posted Apr 5, 2012, 10:27 PM by sara powell   [ updated Apr 5, 2012, 10:27 PM ]
kaleidoscope is looking for a new building to be home to an expanded concept... here is an excerpt from my proposal:

The basic plan is to create a sustainable arts colony by consolidating performance space, studio space, rehearsal space, and other arts related businesses in a building also containing affordable artist housing. Some other businesses I have in mind are a gift shop for local artists, writers, musicians and craftspersons to sell their work, and possibly classroom space.  It would be nice to include a resource library--I have a nice collection of books to start that out.

Studio and rehearsal space would be available to the general public to rent, and when not in use, would be available for the use of resident artists. I envision one large empty studio which could be used for rehearsals, or even to build a sound stage for indoor filming needs, and several smaller studios. Kaleidoscope would continue in its tradition of fostering local artists through performances and exhibits, while also encouraging national and international exchange of artists. To that end, I would like to reserve one of the artist housing rooms for visiting artists-in-residence.

As I envision the project, community would necessarily be a large focus of my plan, and artists selected for the living space would be expected to participate in the project through performances and exhibits, as well as a few hours a week staffing the various business aspects of the project. An idea that is very important to me, that I have not yet been able to bring to fruition, is to utilize broadband streaming and video cameras to hold joint national and international exhibits and salons with other galleries--world-wide art conversations. I would expect resident artists to participate in these events. I have spoken with a number of local artists with the technical expertise to accomplish this who are eager to work on the project. I also have a small network of national and international galleries and artists interested in participating.

Should the building allow it, I would love to have a garden which would produce vegetables and herbs for the use of the artists. Excess produce would be turned over to the Free Farm Stand which operates in the Parque Ninos Unidos at 23rd St. and Folsom.