the kaleidoscope part of the name came from this thing i do when i'm confronted with people who believe in dichotomy as the basic paradigm of the universe. you know, black/white, good/evil... i don't buy that. i think that's a pretty reductionist view of infinity. so i kinda use a metaphor of a kaleidoscope to illustrate the infinite—lots of colors, lots of patterns, nothing static. infinity.

the free speech zone part of the name came about because of the jingoistic and xenophobic hysteria following 9/11 (the u.s. version) that resulted in “designated free speech zones” in a nation whose constitution guarantees freedom of speech. that made me mad, so i was making sure everybody knew that free speech was still a right as far as i was concerned.

anyway, that's “what's in a name” with regard to kaleidoscope free speech zone. well, that and the symbolism of art and politics that happen to be passions of mine.