once upon a time there was a performance space in the mission district of san francisco.

it was pretty cool and very eclectic. people came from all over to perform and to see shows. there was a really beautiful 1915 chickering grand piano that was the inspiration for pianopalooza, a rainbow colored ceiling and lots of velvet...

we had so much fun there.

then, because the building was falling apart, the venue had to close.

but the person who dreamed up kaleidoscope still wanted to do lots of the things kaleidoscope did.

she looked and looked for a new building. she really wanted one big enough to attach affordable artist housing. she even found the perfect building. alas, the owner of the building never responded. various city and arts representatives said "great idea! good luck with that!" and turned away... she didn't totally give up the idea, but wanted kaleidoscope to be again, without having to wait for a building. eureka! she decided kaleidoscope would have an online presence. she chose three projects near and dear to her heart, that further the kaleidoscope mission:

a free speech news site

                                                                                                                              art suq

                                                                                                              (arab-american arts)

      kaleidoscope eyes
 (kaleidoscope's family of artists)

while she works on these projects, she's writing for the world wide web...weird!

    she doesn't know the end of the story yet, but hopes it ends happily ever after...  



kaleidoscope’s mission is to promote free speech, free thought, and art, based on respect, accessibility, diversity, education and support for the arts and artists. contact kaleidoscope.